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Hello there!

Hri ni our topic is boxing, using punching bag, or even sparring. Kebanyakan org tak ingin nak workout because they think workout using punching bag or sparring doesn’t give a better perfomance for their health, or doesn’t burned much calories. Hri ni i will tell you how much it burned your calories in minutes.



Punching bag ni sebenarnya ramai yang tak tau, it’s just the same like other cardio, like push up, squats, and others. Why? because it’s using a lot of muscle inside of you to throw a single punch, if you are a beginner it’s hard to punch or kick the right way if you don’t keep practicing, because if you punch the right way, you’ll feel much better because 1: you will know how to punch with much power (knockout)  when you can punching the right way, 2: punching the right way boleh kurangkan risiko terkehel, patah, or breakdance ke anything lahhh. Soooo, keep practicing, klau korang ade punching bag sendiri lagi bagus. Do it 4 times a week, minimun 30 mins. It’s just 30 mins, tak lama kannnn. Banyak beza antara sitting while watching a movie or take 30 mins a day for your health 🙂 and do you know why i love this workout so much? because at the first beginning when i’m interested to boxing is because i want so bad to punch someone or something when im feeling stress. It’s help me reduce my stress, you should try it.




Ramai yang tak suke other workout like weight lifting, running, other sports like football, rugby, or others. If you found yourself not interested to other sports, you can try boxing, it doesn’t mean you have to sparring or get into the ring. Kadang2 ramai orang fikir punching bag ni ntuk nak bergaduh ajeeee, but actually, bukan bergaduh sahaje, you can get healthy, you know how to defence yourself dlam keadaan yang tegang, you know how to reduce your stress. Byk lagi kebaikan punching bag, so think about it. Klau nak beli punching bag, dia ade beberapa weight, 20kg, 30 kg, 40kg, you can choose, mane2 pun okay. klau nak lg hardcore get the heavier one, sbb lagi berat heavy bag tu lg susah cabarannye, ble lg susah cabaran, lg byk calorie dpat burn. Soooo this is how much you can burned calories with punching a bag.

Some step have a different calories burned, if you do it the right way, using timer, steps, and concetrated, you can easily burn 200-500 calories in  30 to 60 minutes. And it also depends on your weight. Keep punching, more punch than rest, you can get a better calories burned. But always remember, you can punch good, you can punch hard 🙂


Thats it for today, have a good healty day 🙂

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