Hi, artikel ini adalah cara-cara untuk install XAMPP di window 7. “Officially, XAMPP’s designers intended it for use only as a development tool, to allow website designers and programmers to test their work on their own computers without any access to the Internet. To make this as easy as possible, many important security features are disabled by default. In practice, however, XAMPP is sometimes used to actually serve web pages on the World Wide Web. A special tool is provided to password-protect the most important parts of the package. XAMPP also provides support for creating and manipulating databases in MySQL and SQLite among others. Once XAMPP is installed, it is possible to treat a localhost like a remote host by connecting using an FTP client. Using a program like FileZilla has many advantages when installing acontent management system (CMS) like Joomla or WordPress. It is also possible to connect to localhost via FTP with an HTML editor. The default FTP user is “newuser”, the default FTP password is “wampp”. The default MySQL user is “root” while there is no default MySQL password.”  That’s a great info untuk korang from MrGoogle 🙂 Xampp ini banyak membantu dalam melakukan website atau sebagainya. Okay, let’s continue.


First of all. Kena lah download file Xampp di mana2 link Xampp. So, i got mine from here. just google for XAMPP download.



Next step, download and wait okay.




When you’re done, click Run.




Kalau dah habis, bukak file dan start install, click Next to start.



Select Components. Then click Next.



Installation Folder. Pilih folder mana nak di simpan. Lepas tu klik Next.



Lepas selesai semuanya. Click next.



Sementara menunggu Installing boleh lah buat kopi kejap 🙂




Finallyyyyyy finish. Click pada finish.


Okay, sekarang dah boleh mula. Have fun 🙂

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